One Size Does Not Fit All: Personalized Pet Wellness Programs

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When it comes to pet wellness programs, one size does not fit all. Too often, pet owners are asked to vaccinate and medicate their beloved animals based on generic guidelines. At The Whole Pet Vet, we treat our patients as individuals.


Vaccination is an effective tool in combatting and preventing a variety of infectious diseases and other health conditions. However, that doesn’t mean every puppy and kitten needs every vaccine. In many cases, we may recommend vaccine titers to help determine your pet’s individualized vaccine recommendations.

Our vaccination programs take into account:

  • Type of pet
  • Breed of pet
  • Disease exposure risk
  • Lifestyle
  • Medical history


Rather than focus on programs for just puppies and kittens or senior pets, we focus on disease prevention for animals of all ages. Our “wellness” philosophy is simple: prevent the diseases and conditions most likely to affect your pet.

Dogs and cats age 7 or older are considered senior pets. For pocket pets and exotics, timelines vary. We will take into account each patient’s situation when developing a wellness program. In some cases, medication is recommended. In others, simple dietary changes or integrative care treatments may be all that your pet requires.


Regular exams and certain diagnostics play an important role in pet wellness care. Please contact us for more details about our services. Let’s get started on the path to truly holistic pet care today!


At The Whole Pet Vet, we are committed to maintaining your pet’s health at every age.

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