People on couch watching football with snacks and dog.

Almost 100 million people watch the live broadcast of the Superbowl every year. Those of us that aren’t even fans get in on the action. Why? Aside from the incredible athleticism and insane competition, watching the Superbowl is just downright fun. However, the camaraderie and the funny commercials pale in comparison to the major star of the show: Food. Everybody loves Superbowl snacks, but not everyone in the family can safely enjoy them. Spread the fun with these Superbowl snacks to share with pets.

Better Than a Touchdown

Nachos dripping with toppings. Buffalo wings saturated with sauce. Deviled eggs positively stuffed with flavor. Every year, the mainstays prevail, but there are always some new tasty offerings to the Superbowl spread. While each guest will likely notice all there is to sample, your pet definitely clocks each step between the kitchen, buffet table, and couch.

How are you supposed to handle both sides of this issue? On one hand, you want to keep your pet safe from harmful human foods and drinks. On the other hand, your pet deserves to partake in some healthy options. 

First, the Paws-Off Approach

To promote Superbowl pet safety, give them a long walk or run before the game. Be sure they have a quiet place to retreat to, if needed, and give them space if your house gets too crowded and loud. 

Please be aware that the following foods can endanger your pet’s health:

  • Fatty or super rich foods
  • Meat with bones
  • Creamy dip (especially if it is overly salty, full of garlic/onions, or herbs)
  • Pizza
  • Chocolate treats
  • Chips and other salty snacks
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Grapes/raisins
  • Alcoholic or caffeinated beverages

We know the temptation to give a begging/ pleading pet a small bite of what’s on your plate. A small nibble might seem harmless, but this can lead to further begging or brazen stealing of food when you’re not looking. Request that your guests follow your guidelines to maintain your pet’s safety throughout the party.

Watch your pet closely for any behavioral changes or suspicious symptoms, and call us for help

Be sure that trash cans are continually emptied or securely stored until time to dispose of them outside.

Running Interference

A great way to make your pet feel involved in the festivities is to have numerous options for them to safely sample throughout the evening. Portioning them out beforehand means that you have control over how much they enjoy. When they’re out of goodies, they’re done for the night. 

There are some great Superbowl snacks to share with pets, including these basics:

  • Yummy bites of fresh fruit or lightly steamed veggies
  • Small cubes of low-fat cheese
  • Unsweetened, low-fat yogurt
  • Xylitol-free peanut butter
  • Small bites of cooked white meat 
  • Hard boiled eggs

We also recommend adding to the vibe with any of these delightful Superbowl snacks to share with pets:

If you have questions about our Superbowl snacks to share with pets, feel free to call us at (408) 402-3071. From all of us at the Whole Pet Vet Hospital & Wellness Center, we wish you and your pet a fun, safe Superbowl party.