Brown dog being washed in the tub

Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibility. Along with providing holistic pet care, food, water, shelter, and plenty of love and affection, it’s also important to know the basics when it comes to pet first aid so you can help your furry friend if unexpected medical issues arise. Brush up on these essential pet first-aid tips and techniques: 


If you notice that your pet is choking, it’s important to call your veterinarian as soon as possible. They can guide you through the first-aid techniques you should do at home, which include looking in your pet’s mouth for any signs of what is causing them to choke. You can use forceps to carefully grab and remove any foreign object you see in your pet’s mouth. If you don’t see or can’t reach the foreign object, you should carefully lay your pet down on his side and extend his neck and head. Your veterinarian can instruct you on how to apply pressure to your dog’s rib cage, as this can help dislodge the item and stop the choking.


It’s not uncommon for pets to get into things they are not supposed to, which can sometimes be hazardous to their health. That’s why you should keep cleaning products, pest control products, and any other potentially hazardous items in a secured area that pets cannot access. If your pet does end up getting exposed to a toxin or eating something they shouldn’t, call your veterinarian right away. Make a note of what he ate or was exposed to as well as the level of exposure, what symptoms he is displaying, and the pet’s age, breed, and species. If you are instructed to go to the veterinary hospital, bring the item your pet ate or was exposed to in a sealed container.


It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you see that your pet is bleeding, but it’s important to stay calm and take action. If your pet has been wounded and is currently bleeding, place clean gauze on top of the wound and apply light pressure for a few minutes, as this should help the bleeding stop. Once the bleeding has stopped, you can use a clean cloth and water to carefully clean away any dirt, debris, and dried blood from the area. Next, contact your veterinarian and tell them where your pet is injured, the size of the wound, and any symptoms your pet is exhibiting. The veterinarian will let you know if you need to bring your pet to the veterinary hospital right away or if you can carefully bandage the wound at home and bring your pet in at a scheduled appointment time.

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