We understand the temptation to skip routine appointments, but contrary to the ways they appear “normal” and act “fine”, there could very well be trouble brewing beneath the surface. 

Aside from the great opportunity to see your pet and visit with you, we value routine pet wellness exams because they shed so much light on issues that are either about to develop, or have already. So, from a pet’s earliest years to their very last, we encourage you to keep all their pet wellness appointments! 

Hide and Seek

Most pet owners are surprised to learn that their pets have an illness or injury that went undetected at home.

Even the most aware, vigilant, and involved pet owners can’t know everything that’s going on with their best friends. Animals are hardwired to hide any signs of weakness, and pain is a sure-fire way to gain the attention of potential predators (even when they don’t exist inside the home). 

Close Details

You might notice that your pet is withdrawing more to a back bedroom instead of coming out to snuggle in front of the TV at night. You might see them having a harder time getting up from their bed on the floor, or limping out to the backyard to go potty. Whatever the first noticeable signs are, it’s usually a solid bet that they’ve been suffering for some time before symptoms became obvious.

Early Detection Is Always On Time

As a result, pet wellness exams are crucial for detecting illness or injury long before they cause your pet any pain. Each year (or every 6 months for senior pets and/or pets with underlying health conditions), we take down their weight and compare it to previous results. We may draw blood or run other important diagnostics to see if there have been any departures from the normal since their last visit. 

Disease Prevention

One of the hallmarks of pet wellness exams is disease prevention. Fortunately, with year round parasite prevention medication and vaccination boosters, we can effectively minimize health conditions that are easily spread by parasites and other animals.

Protection against diseases spread by fleas, ticks and mosquitoes is crucial to long term health. Contagious diseases may not seem like real threats to a strictly-indoor pet, but it is not impossible. We’ve heard of bats, raccoons, and other infected wildlife getting inside the house or yard, exposing unprotected pets to serious illnesses such as rabies. As a result, the goal is to have them as guarded as possible.

Added Value to Pet Wellness Exams

Dental care is one of the most important facets of pet wellness exams, and we take a close look at your pet’s teeth and gums. If needed, we may recommend a professional cleaning or dental exam under anesthesia. Otherwise, guidance is centered on brushing at home and adding certain supplements to their diet or treats.

Additionally, nutritional counseling can help pet owners change directions, if needed, during transitions from one life stage to another. We can also address any changes in behavior and discuss the importance of training.

As always, please contact us with any questions regarding the frequency and importance of routine pet wellness exams. We’re always here for you at the Whole Pet Vet Hospital & Wellness Center.