dog with gift.

When it comes to providing joyful experiences for our pets, the bar can be pretty low. After all, most pets enjoy the simpler things in life (cue the cardboard boxes!). Our pet-friendly holiday gift guide can help you decide what to give your best friend or the animal enthusiast in your life. 

Comfort First

If your pet elevates snoozing to a bona fide art form, it’s possible they’d enjoy an upgrade to their bedding situation. Among all of the possible pet bed trends out there today, pet owners can choose between luxurious, comfortable, supportive, and unique. Do they like velvet or sherpa material? Help your cat zero-in on their kneading skills with just the right combination of fabric material and pillowy squishiness. 

There are also beds that double as modern-inspired decorative crates or tables. This way you can encourage lounging with the family without tripping over a lopsided or cumbersome pet bed.

Food Drive

Show your pet how true your love is by making their favorite treats. Indulge them this holiday season with their favorite flavors, textures, and tasty sensations. Peanut butter, tuna fish, non-fat plain yogurt, and cheese can be used in delightful ways, and pets enjoy how fresh and tasty their owner’s DIY treats are. Use these treats when training, socializing, or exercising together to maximize their effect. 

New Year, New Gear

While pets can become very attached to the way their stuff feels, it may be time to invest in a new collar, leash, or harness. Depending on what type of exercise your pet prefers, you can find fun, activity-specific items that highlight their abilities and personality. For more fun, invest in a sturdy set of booties, and a properly fitting jacket to keep the chill away. A new portable water bottle or snack bowl can make all the difference to their routine. 

The Play’s the Thing

Interactive pet toys or feeders are wonderful additions to pet enrichment strategies. They not only occupy their busy brain while you’re working or away from home, but they get a scrumptious reward when they figure out the puzzle. Automatic treat dispensers can keep boredom (and hunger) at bay. 

Toys definitely round out every pet owner’s list of pet-friendly gifts, but it takes some research to find the right ones for your pet’s breed, disposition, and lifestyle. Regularly rotate their toys so they can’t get tired of them.

Pet-Friendly Gift Guide

If you are fully stocked on treats, toys, and gear, please consider the following experiences:

  • A pet DNA test to learn exactly which breeds your pet represents
  • A grooming session for your pet
  • Schedule a dental cleaning for the new year
  • Book laser therapy, acupuncture, or massage
  • Check on vaccinations and parasite prevention

Lastly, check out items needed by your local humane society or animal shelter. They are always accepting volunteers, donations, and goods, but during the holidays these mean much more to the homeless animals in their care.

From all of us at The Whole Pet Vet Hospital and Wellness Center, we wish you and your pet a happy, safe holiday together