Pamper your pet.

Whether it’s a dog, cat, or llama, you’re probably always looking for a way to make your pet feel a little extra special. Pampering your pet is not only a great way to show affection, but the extra attention and care may help you and your pet form a more lasting and meaningful bond. Here are our top 5 ways to let your furry, scaly, or befeathered friend know how much you appreciate them:

Extra Playtime   

For dog owners, there’s nothing like a trip to the park to make your pup feel great. Even if it’s a park you visit frequently, there are always new sights and smells to keep your dog entertained. Taking a little extra time to engage with your dog in the park, backyard, or even a little roughhousing on the living room floor is a fantastic way to make them feel loved. No matter the species of your beloved pet, extra playtime is a great way to show your love.


New toys are a favorite way to keep your pet engaged and active. Cat wands, hamster wheels, and new habitat accessories for your aquarium or terrarium can all provide extra mental stimulation and exercise for a healthy and happy pet. There are many designer toys and accessories for those who really want to go the extra mile to spoil their pets and themselves. 


Who among us doesn’t enjoy a tasty treat once in a while? Well, our pets are no different. Luckily for us, dedicated pet bakeries are becoming more common in cities and neighborhoods all over California. These shops owned by fellow pet owners are passionate about creating natural, healthy, and fun treats for all kinds of pets. We humans often get just as much pleasure from watching our pets devour these creative treats as they do eating them. Baking treats at home is another fun and easy way to give your pets something a little special. As always, take extra care to consider your pets dietary needs when giving them treats. Avoid table scraps, overfeeding, and anything that might lead to an upset stomach


Grooming is one of the best ways to show your pet a little extra love and keep them healthy and happy. Proper grooming not only makes your pet feel and smell nicer but it can help reduce shedding and prevent things like ear and eye infections. Let’s be honest, allowing a professional to handle the peskier tasks of grooming (like trimming nails and brushing teeth) is really a treat for the pet owners themselves. While your dog is enjoying a relaxing spa treatment, remember grooming isn’t just for dogs and cats.  Fish grooming is the art of providing fish with the best possible living conditions. Extra space, frequent water changes, and healthy, high-quality food can have your goldfish looking its best. 

Pet Parties and Playdates 

Pets love spending time with other pets (as long as they have been properly socialized). Set up some pet parties and playdates to give your furry (or scaly) friend a little inter-species fun. This small gesture will go a long way toward helping your pet feel special and pampered.

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