Tips for Adopting A New Pet

adopting a new petHave you recently decided to bring a new pet into your family? If so, congratulations! You might feel excitement coupled with a mounting sense of dread as you peruse the internet, get unsolicited advice from friends and family, and look around your house thinking – what am I getting myself into?

If so, fear not! The Whole Pet Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Center is by your side, with some ideas on how to pick a wonderful companion, what to ask before bringing them home, and where to look for the very best addition to your family. Welcome to our tips for adopting a new pet!


See the Signs: Recognizing a True Pet Emergency

There are loads of odd occurrences that can befall a single pet, but they might not always indicate a pet emergency. Take, for example, a hairball. It sounds terrifying (especially in the middle of the night), but rarely signals the need for urgent veterinary care. On the other hand, there are undeniably serious symptoms that should never be ignored. So, how do pet owners tell the difference?


Should You be Concerned About Halloween Pet Safety?

Families collect bags of candy in August, costumes are finalized in September, and scary decorations go up October 1st. While you may be 100% ready for the zany, thrilling, and hilarious event that is Halloween, your pet might be anything but prepared. How can you prime your pet for the endless risks, threats, and frights? Having a good handle on Halloween pet safety is the right place to start. From there, you’ll know how to make it through to November without illness, injury, or incident.


Aaachoo! Managing Pet Allergies In Your Family

pet allergiesHaving any type of environmental allergy is no fun, but an allergic reaction to pets can put a real damper on things, especially when you  consider that over half of U.S. households include at least one pet.

With an estimated 15% of the population suffering from pet allergies, it’s likely that you know someone who falls into this category. Keeping in mind the needs of pet allergy sufferers who visit our living spaces is important, and our tips aim to help you create a home environment that is friendly to both guests and pets.


Gone But Not Forgotten: Coping With Pet Loss

When we bring a pet into our homes to share our lives, we know it isn’t going to last forever. Regardless of how long we’ve had our pets or whether their passing was expected, saying goodbye is never easy.

The empty space left behind when a beloved pet passes away can feel vast and insurmountable; it’s common for pet owners, children, and other pets to experience some or all the stages of grief. Your friends at The Whole Pet Vet hope that our guidance and resources are helpful as you navigate the path toward healing after pet loss.


Food Is Life: Pet Nutrition Counseling at The Whole Pet Vet

pet nutritionAs we become more educated on the importance of high quality, whole foods diets for ourselves, it makes sense that this focus would eventually be extended to our pets. Indeed, the pet food industry has exploded in recent years, and much of that has been due to the demand by pet owners for better pet nutrition options.

Once we’re standing in the pet food aisle of the local pet supply store, however, making a decision isn’t easy. Questions race through our minds: “Does that brightly colored food actually contain vegetables, as the label claims?” “Should my pet go grain free?” “Is a food labeled ‘organic’ truly better for my pet?”


Ring in the New Year: Our Top 6 Resolutions for Pets in 2017

If you’re a pet owner, the start of a new year isn’t just about you. 2017 provides us with the perfect opportunity to reflect on the ways we can improve the health and happiness of our treasured four-legged friends.

Many of the same resolutions you might make for your own health and wellness can be extended to your fur babies! Your friends at The Whole Pet Vet have put together some simple ideas for resolutions for pets that we hope you will find useful and inspiring.


A Holistic Approach to Pet Vaccinations

Cat at veterinarianAs the public (and medical community) become more and more educated about the care of their pets, many traditional recommendations have been called into question. People are choosing to vaccinate themselves and their children more judiciously than ever before, and their four-legged children are no different.

The Whole Pet Vet Hospital and Wellness Center wants you to know that our approach to pet vaccinations is holistic, just like everything else that we do. Continue…

Beyond Bloodwork: Advanced Senior Wellness Pet Care

Dog waits for treatAdvancements in veterinary medicine have helped to increase longevity and enhance the quality of life of cats, dogs, and other animal companions. And, when it comes to our geriatric fur pals, one of the best ways we can keep them at their healthiest – while slowing down some of the impact of aging – is through senior wellness pet care.

When is my pet considered a senior?

As you may know, our pets age much more rapidly than we do. One year doesn’t seem like a long time to us, but it comprises a significant portion of the life of a four-legged companion. Continue…

The Incredible Benefits of Pet Acupuncture

acupuncture needlesWhen it comes to our pets, there is likely nothing we wouldn’t do to keep them from experiencing pain or discomfort. That is why new healing modalities are being embraced, as the benefits of pet acupuncture and other complementary treatments are offering exciting and noninvasive ways of enhancing recovery and managing pain.

While acupuncture for animals is gaining a stronger level of acceptance within veterinary medicine, there are still very few clinics that offer this treatment option. At Whole Pet Vet Hospital and Wellness Center, we not only offer acupuncture for your fur friend, we have four on-site veterinarians certified in veterinary acupuncture. Continue…